Here's some of our boats featuring unsinkable whalers and unstoppable Yamahas. 
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These are some thumbnails of the Navy Seal Guardian that I put into the program recently. Click on the picture for an enlarged view. This boat has the side door option which is great for divers, it is also double - glass and Kevlar lined, literally bullet proof. Weight from all of the Navy options make this the best riding out of all of the Whalers. There is a large casting platform in the front, and a roomy dry console storage area. Boat of course includes GPS, Charts, and most equipment that you might need on your vacation. 700/wk delivered to any home, 1250/wk with package rental #23, 1150 with #24 Any questions, e-mail me. Oldest whaler has been discontinued sadly, it has been replaced by a lighter version of the Guardian Whaler with bimini for 1100/wk with the 2bd 2bth and 1000/wk with the 1bd 1bth. 

Other Boats Available- soon there will be pictures-
22' v-22 Whaler w/t-tops, 200 Yamaha 650/wk
22' Aquasport front cuddy w/200 Yamaha 600/wk
22' Guardian Whaler w/ 200 Yamaha and side out. 700/wk

Here is an alright picture of the 22' Aquasport with 200 Yamaha the high sides and windshield make this boat a favorite pick for families and people in the winter. It is also great on gas, holds 60 gallons, is oil injected and has outriggers and GPS.


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