Bonefish Yacht Club

What a view, You have 2 full balconies over this side of the townhome overlooking the Inlet and

Your Private dock.

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  This is the dockside of the town-homes, notice the private spiral staircase from the lower balcony to the large, boat slip - enough for the largest sport-fisher.

wpe7.jpg (16827 bytes)  This is the backside of the town-home, on the 2bd 2.5bth the parking is underneath. Notice the Ocean view creeping around the corner. Each unit is 3 floors.

 wpe21.jpg (17774 bytes) This is the type of detail to expect in the 2bd unit.

 wpe23.jpg (19262 bytes) Here is the Living room set, that is the kitchen just behind it. 4 person limit only in this unit. 

 wpe25.jpg (22099 bytes) This is the view from the lower Balcony, lots of neat boat traffic passes by here on nice days. 

wpe27.jpg (20212 bytes) This is the ocean view that is from lower Balcony. 

wpe29.jpg (16071 bytes) This is the view from the top level balcony.

wpe16.jpg (15954 bytes)  Here is the Master Suite, 2 bedrooms and Washer Dryer are upstairs. One half bath downstairs.

wpe1A.jpg (30285 bytes)  Here is the Pool, it is 125ft from the Units that we manage, right to the back door. Beach is over where the ocean view is, a short walk.


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